Nitrite Salt
May 28, 2021
Sheep Casing Grade Salt
May 28, 2021

Water Softeners Salt Tablets

The salt tablets we produced are used for both domestic and industrial uses. There are two types of salt tablets, an economical grade of tablets is made using Refined Salt and the second grade which is superior in quality is produced using salt from the Vacuum salt (PVD) plant.

The PVD salt tablets are also produced in two different qualities, the pharmaceutical grade and the food grade. We guarantees that each salt tablet produced by them is purely made of salt and can be compared to any grain of salt. The importance is put on the strength, smoothness and firmness in compaction during the production of these salt tablets. PVD tablets dissolve 100% when put in water so that the uneven or un-dissolved salt does not create any problems by building up in the base of the softener.