Water Softeners Salt Tablets
May 28, 2021
Soap Stone
May 28, 2021

Sheep Casing Grade Salt

The Sheep Casing Grade of salt is used to preserve the sheep casings in Pakistan to later use for the manufacturing of sheep leather for the shoes and bags industry.

Salt for Soap, Detergent And Glycerin

Salt is an essential ingredient in the manufacturing process of Soap, Detergent and Glycerin.

Pure Bromine Free Grade Salt

We enjoys a prominent position in producing the special grade Ultra-Pure Bromine-Free salt. For this purpose, the R&D department of the company has designed an indigenous electrode ionization plant to extract impurities providing the customer with the purest of salt.

Textile Dyeing Grade Salt

Keeping in mind that Pakistan enjoys a prominent position in cotton production, we provides its customers with the high quality, credible dyeing salt with the main emphasis on maintaining the low hardness in salt and restoring the fabric colour.

Grade Salt Water Softening

The main purpose of the Water Softening Grade of salt, as the name suggests, is to soften the water. The salt contains ion-exchange resins that help soften the water and make it useable in different machines in different industries.