Flossy Salt
May 28, 2021
Water Softeners Salt Tablets
May 28, 2021

Nitrite Salt

All salt have preservative characteristics and can be used as preservatives, but there are a few that are preferred as they produce a pink colour and a special flavour. Our R&D department learnt that nitrate in salt is the substance that actually helps preserve the meat. The R&D department further concluded that nitrate is converted to nitrite by bacterial action and nitrate alone present in salt is useless for preservation.

Drilling Grade Salt

The major part of the consumption of  Oil Drilling Grade Salt is in the export markets due to its premium quality. Exported to numerous countries, the company offers different grades starting from PVD to lower grade salts of 97% purity.

The drilling companies put a lot of emphasis on quality and timely shipment and these attributes become a priority for us.



Pharmaceutical Grade

Hub-Pak offers different grades of industrial salt to pharmaceutical industries ranging from Pyrogen-free salt to a lower grade of 99.95% minimum of NaCl. It also supplies another special grade of salt which is the Bromine-free grade.

Road De-icing/Snow melting salt

We produces and formulates salt for DE-icing/snow melting purposes for winter road maintenance and exports to several locations worldwide. Our DE-icing salt is specially graded and sorted to match technical specifications of grain size ranges to meet most countries equipment requirements.

De-icing Salts prevent 90% of road accidents in snow-prone areas during winter seasons. A thin layer of snow sheet on the roads, also known as ‘black ice’ is the major cause of road accidents during snow season, salt is sprinkled on these icy roads to melt the ice-sheet and make traction easier and safer to motorists. Each country uses different equipment for dispersing salt on snowed-on roads, our specially formulated de-icing salt ensures that the salt is fit for use in salt dispersing machines and equipment.

A particle size range of 0.15mm and up to a maximum of 6mm (or 8mm in some countries) ensures that the salt does not choke or damage the salt spray machines.