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May 28, 2021
Granite crushed stones
July 13, 2021

Lime Stone

Crushed limestone aggregate :
Whether you want to install a high-quality driveway or improve your concrete mixture, crushed limestone aggregate may be the versatile construction, agricultural, and landscaping material you need. Whether it’s ground to minuscule sand or pea-gravel size, crushed limestone possesses unique physical and chemical properties that make it the ideal material for a range of projects. From industrial construction to backyard hardscaping, the calcium carbonate composition has several useful applications.
Limestone can be crushed in various grades, making it perfect for varied applications. Whether you need a base course, filler, or landscaping material, the aggregate is extremely multi-purpose. It can be used to make concrete more attractive, coat roofing to add additional protection, or serve as a riprap to prevent shore erosion. It’s also commonly used in everything from railroad ballast to flux stone for metal refining. In agriculture settings, it’s used to optimally and easily balance soil pH.
In the construction world, limestone aggregate often serves as a reliable road base. Before paving highways and roads, the reliable, smooth landscaping material is poured in. It’s also used as pipe bedding and under slab fill.