Gem Stones
May 28, 2021
Lime Stone
July 13, 2021

Emery Stone

Emery stone is a mixture of powdered emery and a suitable binder that can be molded into grinding wheels and other devices.Long used as an abrasive or polishing material, it is a dark-coloured, dense substance, having much the appearance of an iron ore. In addition to corundum and iron oxide, emery sometimes contains diaspore, gibbsite, margarite, chloritoid, and sillimanite.

Lime stone :

We at sirhadi mines & metallurgy produce almost all kinds of products related to lime stones. We have a crushing lime stone plants in rural sindh and other part of the country we produce crushed stone aggregate, lime stone bricks, big giant lime stones, hydrated lime and many more.

We are one of leaders in the production and supply of Hydrated Lime ( Calcium Hydroxide / Slaked Lime ) and Calcium Oxide ( UnSlaked Lime ). In every field regarding water purification , electricity generation , Leather and production of Essential chemicals our Lime plays a vital role.

Each batch of our product is tested in laboratory , to ensure consistent and homogenous chemistry.