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Chrome Ore

Chromium was first isolated as a metal in 1798, but it was not until 1818 that it was put to regular use in pigments for the manufacturing of wallpaper. With the development of the world steel industry during the 20th century, chromium has assumed a considerable importance as an alloying element. Chromium usage may be divided into three broad, widely diverse areas of application:

  • Metallurgical (91%)
  • Chemical (5.5%)
  • Refractory and Foundry Sand (3.5%)

The metal’s greatest benefit to the metallurgical industry lies in its ability to impart such properties as corrosion resistance, hardness, strength and bright attractive furnish. For this reason, metallurgical grade ores are used for the production of ferrochrome used by the steel making industry in the production of corrosion and heat resistant steel and stainless steel. Chromium has no substitute in stainless steel, the leading end use, or in super alloys, the major strategic end use. Chromium-bearing scrap can substitute for ferrochrome in other metallurgical applications.

Muslim Bagh chrome ore, with nice Cr:Fe up to 3.5:1Chrome foundry ore is a specialized, well graded product used extensively in the production of steels casting and other foundry practices. Chrome ore was discovered in Muslim Bagh in 1892 and mining was started in 1904 in the British Rule. 278,000 mt Chrome ore was exported during 2nd World War.

We can offer 3000-5000mt per month 42% base chrome ore, and 1000-2000 MT per month 52% base chrome ore.