Silica sand, Fumed Silica Powder (SiO2), River Sand, Cement & Clinker

Metal & Metallurgy

Iron Ore, Chrome Ore, Zinc/Lead Ore ,Copper Ore, Aluminum / Alumina

Salt Mines

Himalayan Rock Salt, Industrial Salt, Fortified Food Salt, Flossy Salt, Nitrite Salt, Water Softeners Salt Tablets, Sheep Casing Grade Salt

Stone Mines

Soapstone, Gypsum Stones Ore, Gem Stones, Emery Stone


Sirhadi Mines
& Metallurgy
Co., Ltd

Sirhadi mines & metallurgy engages in the exploration, mining, and processing of mineral resources. It operates through the following business segments : sand (silica sand, silica quartz, fumed silica, river sand sea sand), cement/clinker, Iron Ore, chrome ore, zinc/ lead ore, copper ore, Aluminum, Himalayan Rock Salt(Pink, White, dark pink salt), Industrial salt, soap stone, gypsum stones, gem stone, emery stone, and Lime stone . Energy and Minerals, and Other Operations.

The Iron Ore segment supplies global seaborne iron ore trade. The Aluminum segment produces bauxite, soap stone, alumina and primary aluminum. The Copper and Lead ore segment offers silver, molybdenum and other by-products. The Energy and Minerals includes businesses with products such as uranium, borates, salt and titanium dioxide.

Sirhadi mines & metallurgy is committed to bring positive changes in everyday life by supplying the commodities needed to develop, sustain and improve the world around us.
It’s why we come to work and it’s what we do. We want to bring about long-term growth and opportunity for all our stakeholders, including customers, employees, and the communities and areas in which we operate.
Through the scale and diversity of our industrial and marketing businesses, we responsibly supply the commodities that are fundamental to the building blocks of life. Be that to build essential infrastructure, from homes and hospitals, to roads and rail networks; to ensure access to affordable energy for all.

Values Of The
Sirhadi Mines & Metallurgy
Co., Ltd

Sirhadi Mines
& Metallurgy

Founded in the 1980s as a trading company, we have grown to become a major producer and marketer of commodities - Our operations comprise with our local partners in around 15 mining and metallurgical sites.